The American Student Achievement Institute (ASAI) is a non-profit organization that assists school and communities with the process of change for the purpose of raising student achievement and closing achievement gaps.

ASAI uses a vision-based and data-driven approach to school improvement with an emphasis on involving all faculty, all students, and the community in guided discussions related to student learning, educational practices, and achievement.

All ASAI initiatives are based on a proven professional development design involving cohorts of school/community teams in a series of workshops with significant technical support.

ASAI has been assisting schools with school improvement since 1996 and has worked with over 400 elementary, middle, and high schools in Indiana and throughout the country.



The mission of the American Student Achievement Institute is to raise student achievement and close achievement gaps, enabling all students to become successful learners, responsible citizens, and productive workers in a global economy. With this mission in mind, ASAI provides schools and communities with technical assistance for school improvement to promote a culture of high expectations, sound student guidance, effective teaching, and a supportive learning environment.

Guiding Convictions

  • Every child deserves to be surrounded by a culture of high expectations
  • Every child deserves a rich array of options for the future
  • Every child deserves rich educational and career guidance in order to define the pathways to the future options he or she chooses
  • Every child deserves a rigorous curriculum and rich teaching within a supportive environment to realize the options and pathways developed through the guidance process

Historical Perspective

In the late 1980s MDC, Inc.* published "Who's Looking Out for At-Risk Youth" and "America's Shame, America's Hope: Twelve Million Youth at Risk," two reports that chronicled the state and national neglect of at-risk youth and warned of the economic risks of continued neglect. "America's Shame, America's Hope" led to a comprehensive, nationwide school-reform crusade in 1991 under the umbrella of Realizing America's Hope, a series of major PBS programs, hosted and spearheaded by Bill Moyers, which was supplemented with print materials and community outreach efforts designed to help the nation respond to the challenges facing at-risk youth... (continued)

Vision-to-Action School Improvement Process

The Vision-to-Action systemic change process brings about whole school reform, including the transformation of student guidance, teaching, the learning environment, and student expectations. Using the Vision-to-Action process, schools and communities work together to implement the cultural changes needed to raise student achievement... (continued)

More Information

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