Update - June 2019

Sue Reynolds to Retire as ASAI President / Matt Fleck Named New ASAI President

The ASAI Board of Directors has announced that Sue Reynolds will retire as ASAI president in order to spend time with her family and pursue her interest in triathlon where she competes internationally as a member of the USA Age Group Triathlon Team. Sue will also be promoting her book, The Athlete Inside: The Transforming Power of Hope, Tenacity, and Faith which is scheduled for release by Fortress Press in April 2020, and serving as a motivational speaker represented by Bright Sight Group in Princeton, New Jersey. To help with the transition between presidencies, Sue will continue to work for ASAI during the 2019-2020 school year on a part-time basis, supporting the RSC and GAK initiatives. Sue may be reached at reynolds@asainstitute.org or 812-349-4142.

After considering many candidates for the position of ASAI president over the past six months, the ASAI board is pleased to announce that Matt Fleck will be serving as ASAI president effective August 1, 2019. Matt is a former Indiana school counselor and served as the Indiana School Counseling Consultant and Indiana Director for Career and Technical Education Programs at the Indiana Department of Education. Matt left his position at DOE to start Fleck Education, an organization with a mission similar to ASAI’s mission of raising student achievement and closing achievement gaps. After August 1st, Matt may be reached at fleck@asainstitute.org or 812-349-4142.

The transition between presidencies promises to be smooth. Matt and Sue worked together for several years as consultants at the Indiana Department of Education. During this time, they created the Indiana Student Standards for Guidance and the Indiana Program Standards for School Counseling Programs. Over the past six months, Matt and Sue have joined forces again to create a smooth transition plan for their ASAI presidencies that will enable schools to continue their work in ASAI initiatives. Sue shared with the ASAI Board, “Although I am sad to leave the organization that I co-founded in 1996 and have enjoyed leading for the past twenty-two years, I am thrilled to leave ASAI in Matt’s hands. Matt’s integrity, kind nature, and professional skill set are a perfect match for ASAI, and I am confident that ASAI will thrive under his leadership.”

ASAI Initiatives and Fees for 2019-2020

Each of ASAI’s current initiatives will continue during the 2019-2020 school year including Redesigning School Counseling (RSC), the School Improvement Institute (SI2), and Guiding ALL Kids (GAK). Schools can find the RSC Enrollment Application and SI2 Enrollment Application.

2019-2020 Enrollment Fees

DOE Announcement: Indiana Gold Star School Counseling Award

The Indiana Department of Education recently announced that DOE will not be awarding the Indiana Gold Star School Counseling Award to schools during the 2019-2020 school year while DOE revises the Indiana Gold Star School Counseling Award and the Indiana School Counseling Competencies for Students. This will not impact RSC. ASAI will continue to provide RSC as it has in the past to help schools 1) design data-driven school counseling programs that help students make sound choices in areas that impact academic achievement, career development, and social-emotional health, and 2) meet the requirements for the ASCA RAMP award.

NEW Initiative in 2020-2021: RAMP Ready (tentative title)

When the Indiana Department of Education launches their revised Indiana Gold Star School Counseling Award program in 2020-2021, ASAI will launch a replacement program for RSC called RAMP Ready. RAMP Ready will help schools develop data-driven school counseling programs that support student achievement and align with both the ASCA RAMP and new Indiana Gold Star School Counseling Award criteria.

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