Guiding All Kids

A Systemic Approach to School Counseling

The American Student Achievement Institute (ASAI) is pleased to announce a new initiative that will help Indiana schools develop and implement a comprehensive school counseling SYSTEM based on the award-winning and proven Guiding All Kids (GAK) school counseling model.

Participating schools will design and implement this system between October 2017 and June 2021 using funding from the Lilly Implementation Grant or other funding source. Schools that seek but do not secure Lilly funding may withdraw from GAK on October 16, 2017 without penalty.

A small cohort of elementary, middle, and high schools will be selected to work together in a learning community as each school develops a school counseling system consisting of several delivery methods involving school personnel and community partners (see the overview below). Selection preference will be given to schools that have earned or renewed the Indiana Gold Star School Counseling Award in the past three years. Preference will also be given to schools in districts where all schools have applied.